What is DNS?
Posted by Rob Ivory on 24 April 2015 03:03 PM

DNS stands for Domain Name System. DNS refers to the naming system for anything connected to the internet or any networks. Domain Name Servers hold DNS records that translates domain names (like or to an IP address. DNS is a "phone directory"  but for the internet.

For example: is the DOMAIN name for a website, and its IP Address is 

Computers use the IP address to connect to anything, but remembering a series of numbers to access any website is just impractical, so DNS is used to translate our well know google address to it's IP address without us even seeing it.

DNS Records can be used for holding other types of information too, including plain text. 

The usual structure of a DNS record is:

<Hostname> <Class> <TTL> <RecordType> <RecordValue>


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